How 3D Printing Can Be a Game Changer for Medical Parts

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How To Save Time & Money When Designing Your Mould Tool

20 March 19, 12pm (UK)

This webinar will help you reduce your time to market and get the most cost-effective part from your injection-moulding supplier.

Your main take-away points:

  • How to incorporate design for cosmetic part finishes
  • How to utilise draft and avoid undercuts in your design
  • How to design self mating parts
  • Why you might consider multicavity or family moulds
  • How and why you can make your design "metal safe"
  • How to save time and money when modifying your mould

Hosted by Richard Anthony 


Richard is an Application Engineer for Protolabs' Northern Europe Region. When it comes to rapid injection-moulding he has an expert understanding of your technical requirements, project needs and pressure points.

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